Let’s try lightening up on oils!

Do you know the feeling when you need something hearty and when you need something light? Is it just because your body needs it, or is because you need it to feel either more uplifted or grounded in your day?

I am a lover of the sauté, just throw any vegetable into a pan with hot oil and it always makes the meal taste better. Having spent 3 days in a class room for my continuing education, I am now open to substituting the oil with veggie broth and lime a few or more meals during the week. Plus, using oil was becoming an unconscious habit instead of a conscious choice for me. We have to keep checking in with our body and review our day and see what we need a bit more or less of.

No, fat is not bad, and this isn’t an all or none suggestion. We are just environmentally, emotionally, physically overloaded and overstressed which is making us less capable of detoxifying due to heaps of oxidative stress in our brain and organs. After all of the science thrown at me for 3 days, regarding environmental toxins that lead to many of the diseases in our society, I refuse to feel discouraged, negative or hopeless. Instead, I am going to keep trying to lead us to our personal healthy state of kick-ass well-being.

What is your definition of health? The one I am liking right now is: “Highest attainable state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being” and/or “What we eat, drink, think and do.

Recently, I have a couple of clients who were shining some light on this oxidative overload by the symptoms they were experiencing. Their bodies gained 30 pounds or so in a year, they have super low energy in the morning and have more mental fog then every before. If we can remove some oils in cooking then when we eat quality fats from whole foods we may by able absorb the nutrients a bit better.

I love being wrong:) So, I thought I was thorough and complete with my new Intuitivarian Process, well, I am not. Besides having a few technical issues (thank you to all the new participants for your patience) I just added the  suggestion of cooking with lime & broth to the process by experimenting with 3-4 meals per week.

I have personally tried and implemented many different nutrition modalities, such as, Paleo, Food Combining, Vegetarian, Alkaline, Intermittent Fasting, Raw Foods and Ayurvedic, only to discover they are all amazing. Trying each one alone helps you discover more about yourself and the new 22 day process integrates these modalities to help you learn to live them. I hope to keep discovering more amazing information to share with you as the Intuitivarian process becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle. To help the process be more user friendly we will be relaunching the course on the Teachable platform within the next couple of weeks!

Check out my video below to see what recipes I came up with using veggie broth & lime along with some other nuggets I took away from the conference.

Thank you for being part of my ever evolving nourishing life,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.





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