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Week 1 Session 1 Video Recording

Wow! We did it! We started the process and hardly anyone ran:) I am so excited to be sharing with you on how I approach nutrition from our WISE mind! UPDATE! We will be meeting the first 3 Friday’s at 11 am PST and the next 3 Friday’s at 5 pm PST! Our votes were straight down the middle:) See you Friday.

WE will be discussing

?The Vagus Nerve functions & Your Vagus Nerve Exercise Homework

?Review suggestions to support releasing foods and Meal Ideas for Week 2. The Food group we are adding in for Week 2: Cruciferous veggies: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Brussels sprouts.

?And plenty more to come!

(P.S. This video is Unlisted on Youtube so your confidentiality is hidden) https://youtu.be/cd_6A8cw2LM