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Experiment 2: Conscious Nutrition 3-Day Program, formerly known as Jump Start

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Video 2: Feel Your Meal Process Copy

We expand on these 3-steps during your Master Class. These steps are want will help your nutrition plan CLICK.

Step 1: Feel: This step is broken down into 3 steps of its own.


Step 2: Meal: While you begin to understand the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree, this is a great visual to choose which Meal Type supports you in the moment.

Step 3: Heal

This step focuses on your energy levels, sleep and bowel movements. The more intimate we are with our body’s subtle cues, the more we can navigate with our organs to help them function efficiently.

Your journaling and experiments in weeks 3 & 4 will focus on compiling more information about yourself.

Refer to the Body Clock Video for more information.