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Increase Your Nutrition Intuition-40-day process

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This tracking experience may trigger some people who have dieted in the past. Instead of approaching this with an all or none mindset, let’s try more of an experiment of an amazing human, YOU!

If you just want to track the Feels, that is perfect. If you want to discover your own # of Meal Types, that is perfect! You will discover YOUR range. There is NO such thing as the perfect diet. YOU are perfect and we are nourishing YOU!

There is no one in the world that gets to know you, except you!

We have 40 days of journaling. It is helpful to have a bit of a structure to help you feel some traction and guidelines. Us Rebels may NOT want to do it. When we give ourselves some parameters, we can feel the feels deeper.

Download your 40-day Journal here:

Meals & Feels Journal-Updated 2022