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You’re a Rebel-er! The REBEL•er is a part of you and is screaming to be heard. Why? Maybe to distract you from a feeling you are not ready to feel yet. Maybe there was a time your own needs were denied or unheard?

When it comes to food or past dieting, you want to be told what to do because you are a bit of a perfectionist or a pleaser. However, you are a rebel, so NO ONE can tell you what to do.

How do we work with this exhausting contrast?

As your rebel leader, I personally started asking myself different questions? Instead of judging myself for craving macaroni and cheese, I said, “Oh Babe, What is up?” And wow, did I discover why I used food to repress some of those dark and scary feelings.

Most likely you didn’t get your needs met or trust that you ever will. Now is the time to get your needs met.

When you have these confusing and sabotaging feelings, practice these steps below.


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Rebel-er Mantra (new)