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You’re a Guilt-er. Have you spent heaps of your time and energy feeling guilty about your food choices?

I can relate. I spent decades having a love/dislike relationship with food. I never felt enough, or had to ‘do it perfectly’.

Guilt is the opposite of DESERVE. There may be some of your needs that weren’t met in childhood. Or as an adult, you are trying to measure your success with others.

Try to re-frame these guilty feelings by asking different questions.

What do you deserve in your life?

What do you want in your life that you think you can’t have?

Shame and anger can be linked here also. Since food is essential to survive and thrive, this is your chance to connect with food and nutrition on a whole new level.

Your guilty feelings are here to help you uncover more of your true desires.

Thank you guilt, but I got it from here. Take a look at the steps below and practice these when the guilt sneaks in.

Download the pdf here:

Guilt-er Mantra (new)