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Experiment 2: Conscious Nutrition 3-Day Program, formerly known as Jump Start

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Breath Work Resources Copy

Breath work is essential for healing and cleansing the organs. Also, the #1 way we release toxins and excess fat is through our Carbon Dioxide. So the better our organs take in oxygen and release CO2 the better we will feel in our body and clothes.

Here are a few resources to peruse to see if you are inspired to study more about breath work.

My dear friend, Buffy Owens of Conscious Movements is my go-to breath expert! You will receive her guidebook and audios to talk you through the content.

Head to this link to receive her entire Cultivating Resilient Breath program complementary!

Other resources for you to peruse:

Wim Hoff Method:

Stig Severnson:

And keep your eye out for other local or video resources that you resonate with.