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Hope you and yours are safe, nourished and enjoying your holidays. It is the time of year when we see ALL of the latest diets, cleanses, fasts and new years goals flooding into our inbox.

I am CLEAR as ever, that we do NOT need radical, extreme approaches to be and stay healthy.

Our body, mind and spirit have been through enough. And starting the “perfect” cleanse at the wrong time may NOT be what your body and emotional well-being need. There is an underlying sense of insecurity in our state of the world and trying to control your nutrition program may feel like swimming against the current.

Plus, the more gentle we are with ourselves every day, the BETTER our organs and body can cleanse. WOAH. Let that marinate for a second.

Our body cleanses gently every day. We do NOT have to constantly do the extreme approaches, because our organs are brilliant and just need gentle nourishing nudges from us to do what THEY do best.

Do you believe this? Or does your mind want to ‘start’ a new regimen and try to white knuckle it and stick to it better this time? Do you think it is from a lack of willpower on your end or you haven’t found the “right” program?

I so get it. We set out to reach our goal and then there is a change in the course that can leave us to feel powerless, overwhelmed and critical.

One recent life example for me, I just bought an RV to move to the desert and help a friend with her menu to open up her new restaurant. On Christmas Eve day, we got a flat tire in a not-so-safe construction zone. We tried our best to troubleshoot, with many trips to the nearest town and auto shop. We then decided to take the safest route and head to a hotel and reassess after Christmas.

We can feel powerless at times and our body KNOWS how to process healthy stress in these types of situations. The best thing we can do for ourselves is ONE baby step at a time to keep it a simple, continued and congruent process as possible.

I am here to tell you it isn’t from your lack of will power! It is your past conditioning and ego trying to ‘protect’ you from the feelings of failure. This voice or repeated story patterns make you TRY the next thing. To keep searching for how to fix you or to not feel the tough feelings, such as failure.

There is no way you can fail.

Because, your life is an experiment of YOU!

To shift from the old new year extreme, controlling, apathetic or over-critical approach with your nutrition, try some of these baby steps and practice EXPERIMENTING!

  1. If you have a mid-afternoon energy slump: Switch your afternoon caffeine or sugary treat to an herbal tea. One of the most hydrating teas I personally love and recommend is Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. Observe if you sleep better, have more balanced moods and less intense cravings.
  2. Shift from the autopilot of “should”: Instead of eating your same old breakfast because you think it is good for you or adding extra protein for your dinner even if you are not hungry, throw a curveball to yourself. Try having a less traditional breakfast that satisfies you or have your dinner WITHOUT protein.
  3. Try a different cuisine every other night: Don’t force yourself to make dinner every night, instead, make extra for leftovers and switch up your Flavor Types. Such as, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Hawaiian!
  4. Write down your five favorite go-to meals: I call these Safe Meals: These meals make your taste buds happy, you feel satiated and often moan for joy, are easy to make, you have most of the basic ingredients often and you get excited to prepare them. When life gets tough, you know one of these meals can alter your energy levels and help you feel more like yourself. Some of my personal favorites are:
    1. Lentil soup with spinach and topped with avocado.
    2. Avocado Toast topped with sprouts.
    3. Edamame Pasta with Dairy-Free Pesto.
    4. Green Curry Goddess Soup: Bok choy, spinach, mushrooms, curry and coconut milk.
    5. Artichoke Soup for the Soul: Artichokes, carrots, celery and veggie broth.

Try not to pressure your brain and body to “START” in the New Year. Instead, focus on adding in more nourishment and experimenting with your OWN body. There is a time to turn the dial GENTLY and YOU are the best person to hold the knob!

If you are ready to LEAVE the EXTREME, I am giving away my FREE 5-day class to help YOU NOTICE how you are approaching your nutrition.

Beginning January 11th, 2021, we will meet daily as you practice, experiment and shift your perspective from perfection to connection.

The calls will be Facebook Live in my private group with a call-in Zoom option, all calls are recorded for your listening convenience. You will have access to the course resources so you can go at your OWN pace for the week.

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Beginning January 19th, for 4-weeks you will NOT go on and off another program, because YOU are the program.

Instead, you will gently nourish by adding in FOODS that help your body to support your gorgeous organs, such as your liver, lungs, kidneys and digestive tract to do their thing and detoxify.

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