Learn how to trust the mind-body connection

Have you felt like there has been an increase of individuals in the coaching and wellness industry and an increase in confusing information and opinions? Do you almost feel as though you have become almost numb to the information and bite at anything that looks good and will give immediate results?

We live in a world inundated with so much information, that many of us don’t know exactly who to listen to, and what the next step is. We have lost the ability to distinguish what works for us and our individual bodies. Maybe you’ve had a decrease in your bank account from spending money on unnecessary programs, or the opposite in never doing anything to serve yourself because you feel frozen with the amount of information to choose from.

I want to help you gain back the confidence you want and need, to make better and more educated decisions when it comes to your health and wellness. I am joining my good friend Ellie Gilbert in a FREE virtual event called “The Body Trust Project: Learn How To Feel Extraordinary In Your Body Through Relatable Stories Of Confident People”. During the event, you will learn from experts in physical, mental, and spiritual health who know what it means to trust the mind-body connection. This group of powerhouse individuals has come together for one reason: to help you trust your own mind and body again, and get back to living the life you’ve been wanting.

Beginning August 9th, you will gain access to daily interviews from each of the experts at the event. All of the interviews will be sent directly to your inbox and will be available for you to watch at your convenience throughout the day.

Click on the link below to get your ticket and gain access to the event. Of course, it’s completely free, and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this information!


I hope you’ll take this opportunity to really learn how to listen to your body’s natural cues. You have all of the answers within yourself, so let’s get back to learning how to interpret and trust the person who knows you better than anyone!

with abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N. ​

Conscious. Compassion. Nutrition.

P.S. Ask yourself this question: Do I believe I have the actual roadmap to all of the health and wellness answers I’m looking for?

Let me and my friends at The Body Trust Project help you out!

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