Why is it difficult to follow a strict diet or program for a long period of time?

Because you are NOT suppose to!

It is difficult and obsessive to try to eat perfectly everyday. We can be the biggest critic to ourselves and in our lives. Instead of setting you up for failure and promoting an extreme program, we are setting you up for a lifetime of success.

For 5 days we are going to set you up with an easy daily guideline to follow so you can reconnect to your food choices and body in a deeper way. We desire that you feel connected and nourished versus feeling like you are overwhelmed and confused.

LIVE Program TBA in 2020!

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5-Day Jump Start Program Schedule

Because no one wants to do it alone, there is a group call, everyday, for 5 days. You also will be provided with all of the program content 3 days prior to the first call, so you can get a jump on groceries and mental preparation.

Day 1: Instructions and Preparation Day: Grocery store list, meal plans, mental preparation and motivation.

Day 2: First day of the Jump Start Program: Discuss variety of recipe ideas, Q&A.

Day 3: Second day of the Jump Start Program: Keeping the flow, and managing any detox effects.

Day 4: Daily support for each day of the program: What feeling great feels like, and how to maintain this feeling. Other meal ideas, substitutes, learning your own natural rhythms.

Day 5: What next? Options on how to stay connected to the feeling of your nutrition success and take your nutrition to the next level.

The Conscious Nutrition Jump Start Program will help you become more aware of what your body is telling you.

Jump start your journey to the next level of your optimal heath with a NEW & Improved 5-day, step-by-step program designed to support you!

  • Detox Your Digestive System
  • Balance Your Blood Sugar & Hormone Levels
  • Learn What to Eat, When to Eat & How to Prepare Healthy Meals
  • Enhance Your Energy & Mental Clarity
  • Create Healthy & Realistic Nutritional Goals
  • 5 days of Meal Plans & Grocery Store Lists to help you with the details as you tune into yourself! 

Announcing Jump Start on Your OWN timing!

We have your back! Any time you are in need of a Jump Start to help you get back into the groove.

What will you receive?

5-Day: Jump Start Program

  • Each day you will receive a video to instruct you on what to focus on.

Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book

  • 111 delicious & nutritious recipes that are divided into each Meal Type to support your program.

Conscious Nutrition Cravings Book

  • A guide to help you discover what cravings your body truly desires

Conscious Nutrition Journal

  • 22-day journal to track your progress.

Videos of Meal Ideas

  • It is like I am in the kitchen with you! These videos will help you create meals that support your digestion and healing.

Access to this program for 6-months.

Check out an easy meal that you can experiment with for your Jump Start process…


















What are people saying about the Jump Start?

“Heather’s Jump Starts have become such an important tool in the continuing process of healing my relationship with food.  I am learning to stop, listen and feel my body for what it wants and needs in that moment.” 
“The Jump Start is the perfect way to quiet all of the noise and distractions and be present to this ever-evolving process.  It brings me back to center every time!   It is a gift from me to me and I so deserve it!”

David F.

This is one of my favorite lunches for the Jump Start or anytime!


















Check out my Jump Start Blog to review a typical day you will be experiencing and practicing. Jump Start Typical Flow.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to email Heather about how the 2019 Jump Start Program can help you.