Jump off the Hamster Wheel!

So, as the advocate of health and balance I had a frustrating day.  My personal mission is to live a life of freedom and nourishment, and as a nutrition consultant it has not always been easy to pass this along.  Everyone wants a “diet” that will help them lose weight, the issue is this, there are SO MANY variables to this.  Food is only one variable, and believe me I wish I had the magic diet for everyone!

I want my clients to feel so connected with their bodies that they become in charge of their health and take FULL responsibility. I can only sit on their shoulder for so long:) AKA my daily food log:)

How do we unplug from the stress and madness of the world so we can nourish ourselves.  After watching the movie Avatar, I was seriously depressed for a solid hour and wanted to run away, unplug my phone and computer and live on an organic farm.  After my hour of sadness about the blue people, I decided to keep on with my nutrition business and stay at a local organic farm in San Diego instead of Timbuktoo.  How do we support everyone to find their soul’s bliss?  How do we live a life of bliss and trust ourselves?

Any suggestions?

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