Juice Feast–Maui Style

As I am restoring on the island of Maui, I am blessed with a neighbor who is a guru in health and joy.
She offered her home for us to create a juice feast before the New Year. We began last night with Maui Green Cappuccino and continued today with a morning blend of oranges, lemon, kale, apples, ginger and Tumeric.
(Visit Tarah’s website for recipes and inspiration http://www.islandgirlnaturals.com/naturally/live-it/)

The intention of this feast is to clean the pipes, clean the mind, and prepare for returning back to San Diego to support the goals of my clients.
I personally have many goals for this upcoming year, and am excited to begin with a clear perspective after this dream trip in Maui. Of course, Maui is magical and I am planning on returning. I am creating a Vitality retreat for the month of May, and plan on bringing anyone who wants to completely unplug and LIVE their island essence.
We will keep you updated on Juice Feast 2011:)

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