Juice It Up for 3 Days

Have you ever woke up on Monday and said “Starting today I am going to eat clean” … and by lunchtime you were dreaming of burritos or pizza? Instead of trying to climb a mountain on Monday, add in 64 oz of vegetable juice to your day.

The Liv Juice Bar in Hillcrest (San Diego) offers a cleanse program which includes 64 oz of juice per day. The 3-day program costs $57 and you pick up the juice at their location. Instead of just doing the cleanse option, try adding the juice to your day and I believe it will help you make more conscious meal choices.

If you want to do 3-days of just vegetable juice, go for it! However, please  pay attention to your body.  I love and admire discipline, and don’t believe that discipline is the issue for most people. It is better to stay present and conscious while you experiment and try new things.

The Dynamic 3-day juice plan:

  1. Get your juice the evening prior (if you can make your own, this is best. Check our our conscious recipe for blended veggies from last week. Just make sure you have the ingredients and time allowed to prepare).
  2. Wake up and have hot water with lemon then 16 oz of juice.
  3. If hungry 2 hours later, have a handful of soaked nuts or protein shake
  4. Lunch-4 hours after first juice: 16 oz of juice and a salad topped with sauteed and raw veggies, olive oil and rice vinegar.
  5. Snack-2 hours after lunch: 16 oz of juice and herbal tea
  6. Dinner: 16 oz of juice wait 30 minutes and have white fish, veggies and a salad topped with avocado.

This flow keeps your body hydrated, energized and nourished. This day resembles the Conscious Nutrition Jump Start Program, which begins Monday, May 12th (Monday is the preparation day to ease you in).

Doing this dynamic 3 day flow consecutively in a week will keep your blood sugar balanced, mind clear, feeling lean and ahead of your health versus using caffeine, sugar, carbs to catch up all day.

If you need extra support, and not extra to do, the Conscious Nutrition Jump Start Program offers you structure while you release those sugar cravings.

Jump in!

Heather Fleming

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