Is Your Food Just for Energy or Are You Suppose to Adore It?

I think a balance of both.

I have a dear friend who doesn’t like to eat, never thinks about, could care less. Then I have another friend who makes love to her food, she really adores food just as much as her friendships and you know what.

Which way are we suppose to be? I admire my friend who doesn’t receive passion from his food, he receives it from other ways such as music, his work, and life. I asked him about his childhood and food. He mentioned he had to eat everything on his plate and of course some things he didn’t like. I asked my other friend about what food was like for her while she was growing up, and her Dad was an amazing chef and dining together was a loving ritual.

Some meal times do not offer us the opportunity to sit and enjoy. However, if we have too many of these meals standing up in the kitchen or as we are driving, just make note that your next meal will be spent with more intention.

Scientifically, we can tell you all what to eat everyday to lose weight, stay healthy, feel great and live long. So why are people not doing this?

Emotions, habits, lack of knowledge, all the above?

It is a balance of both. We are not robots and are not meant to turn off all of our senses and chow down our food or take a magic pill.

I prefer to teach structure with freedom. Structure is great to have as a tool to fall back on. However, too much structure can make us feel restricted and disempowered. As you discover how your body functions optimally, you can have more flexibility and variety. Taking out some of the variables that cause inflammation can help you RESET both physically and mentally.

The big inflammatory culprits are:

  1. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar
  2. Processed Wheat & flour
  3. Non & Low-fat pasteurized dairy
  4. Sugar Substitutes, Food dyes, & chemicals you can not pronounce
  5. GMO’d foods

Try taking out these foods for minimum 2 to 3 weeks, then bring them back one at a time, preferably never bring back numbers 4 and 5.

When you take out these inflammatory foods, you will automatically be eating more whole foods. This will enhance your taste buds, your organs, and cellular health. Then, you will have an easier time to find your balance with food and identifying food as energy and passion.

Love on your food,
Heather Fleming

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