Is your Feeling Eater type triggered after the first festive holiday?

We had our first food focused holiday of the season! How are you feeling? Any challenges come up for you? Do you still feel full? If so, I have tips for you!

When I was deep in my love/dislike relationship with food. I would approach this holiday with sweat and stress, trying to decide if I was just going to eat turkey and green beans or just go for it and begin eating more “controlled” the next day.

Check out how each Feeling Eater may be feeling now? If you aren’t feeling any of these, awesome! Just peruse to see if this dialogue sneaks in over the next month. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, head here!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these choices. We are observing ourselves and identifying the underlying feeling!

COMFORT•er: The conversation was getting heated about politics or the constant question if you are ever going to get married (TRUE story) keeps being asked over and over:) You sprinted toward the dessert table for just another bite.

What is the underlying feeling for you? For my personal Comfort•er: Not feeling heard or understood! Call a friend you trust ASAP! 

REBEL•er: You roll into the dinner feeling confident and supported. Only to realize you “need” more. You hear an inner voice that starts screaming for “more”. You check in with your body and you are not hungry, but still go for the extra helping of mashed potatoes anyway.

What is the underlying feeling for you? A sense of emptiness. Where else can you FILL up and creatively express yourself? Try to add something into your week that fires up your creative juices!

NUMB•er: You are feeling overwhelmed with everyone’s energies and you need to find a place to be alone. You grab a cookie and head outside.

What is the underlying feeling for you? Could it be feeling mistreated. Hello fellow empath! Take a deep breath and FEEL your own body and feelings and try not to “take on” everyone else’s projections.

OBSESSIVE•er: You got up, worked out in the morning, had a protein shake and you rocked the dinner! You feel great. Then the next day, you sleep in and have a piece of pie for breakfast and begin to worry that you slipped and will not be able to stop. You begin to criticize your self and your choice.

What is the underlying feeling for you? A feeling of being out of control. If you keep slipping up, then what will happen? Try to relax the inner critic in yourself and realize that you didn’t slip, you were choosing what was true for yourself in the present moment. The critic is usually from a person close to you, like a parent or loved one or your ego protecting you from a decision you made in the past.

GUILT•er: You were so happy at the dinner table with your friends all day. Then they leave, you begin to clean up and the guilt slides in before you had a chance to dry the dishes. Now, you are sitting there replaying everything you ate and mulling over how you shouldn’t have done that.

What is the underlying feeling for you? I am not or will never be enough. The plague of unworthiness is part of the western psyche versus other cultures. What if you are enough and what you chose was aligned for you in the present moment. What does it feel like to let it go? Or does it feel safer to hold on to it? This is the Feeling Eater type I most want to see heal their relationship with food. Guilt was one of my automatic feels the second I ate almost anything! Then one day, I chose to trust myself and poof, the guilt let go of its grip.

PLEASE•er: You gave the biggest piece of pie away even though you were hungry and wanted it!

What is the underlying feeling for you? Undeserving. YOU GRAB that pie with GUSTO!!!!!! Then you sit there and eat each bite with joy and accomplishment. You are my hero!

DETACH•er: You switched out the mashed potatoes for broccoli. You are proud of how well you forced yourself to stay on course. You moderately enjoyed the day and can’t wait to get back to your routine. (this could be a bit of the OBSESSIVE•er too) 

What is the underlying feeling for you? Powerlessness. If you lose your power, you lose your identity. You are powerful inside and out! Try to moan over your next meal and feel the appreciation for the food on your plate.

CONNECT•or: You enjoyed the holiday and feel balanced all weekend. This is our goal:) The more we feel connected and aligned with our mind, gut and heart, we will heal our relationship with food.

What is the underlying feeling for you? Self-Compassion. You are done berating yourself around food. You practice deep breaths throughout the meal, went for a short walk after dinner and jumped up for joy and had pie for breakfast if you so desired:)

If you are still feeling full and your Feeling Eater type is still triggered try one of these tips:

  1. Wean off of sugar gently: You WILL crave sugar for 72 hours after the pie consumption. Don’t white knuckle it, gently wean your body off. Add in fresh fruit, honey or dark chocolate when your craving hits. Also, make baked pears or apples, topped with cinnamon for dessert support!
  2. Try less Combined Meals for 3 days! Head to the Food Tree to discover what a Combined Meal is!
  3. Reduce your sodium intake for the next few days. I LOVE me some sea salt. However, try to lessen it for a couple of days to help your organs eliminate the excess waste. Your body loves you and it will do so with a little nudge from you.

When I checked in with my membership community, they noticed they felt less struggle around food since last year. I created a private facebook group and ADORE the members who have committed to their nourishment journey!

Now for the holidays, I am here to help you stay connected to yourself! I don’t want you to spin out of control for the next month and feel depleted at the end of 2019. I will be hosting four complementary wellness webinars in this group. Head here to JOIN my complementary Facebook Group: Feel your way thru the Holidays!

If you are ready to take the pressure off of what you are going to do in 2020! The FEELING DIET program is open! Join the 6-week Feeling Diet process to help you END yo-yoing and prevent you from signing up for another EXTREME program that leaves you feeling disappointed. I will support you in the private group through the New Year and then beginning January 21st, 2020, you will be set up toward a NEW way of nourishing yourself. JOIN NOW at the Early Turkey Bird pricing.

Your Comforter & REBELer Leader,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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