Is your Check Liver Light on?

I laughed loudly when I heard “I know my check liver light is on” from my friend Greg while he was ordering fast food.

Your liver is the second largest organ of your body. When it becomes congested or overworked many symptoms can appear such as:
1. Moodiness
2. Bloating & Constipation
3. Mental fog
4. Exhaustion
5. Sugar cravings
6. Acne & Dry skin
7. Depression
8. Yellow in the whites of your eyes
9. Weight gain
10. Many diseases

After weeks or months of build up, your body is craving a break. There are a variety of programs, cleanses, supplements, and tools available. The key is to find one that YOU WILL DO! The goal is to practice and discover your body’s true energy levels.

Three things you can do today are:
1. Drink lemon water throughout the day.
2. Have 2 cups of vegetables with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
3. When a sugar craving arises, eat a handful of almonds or walnuts.

Also, if you are feeling courageous the Conscious Nutrition RESET program begins this week. Click here to join anytime this week or next.
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Watch your check liver light,
Heather Fleming

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