Is eating every 2 hours “healthy?”

There is more information at your finger tips regarding health and wellness, and it can become a bit confusing. The number one rule is to ALWAYS listen to YOUR BODY.

Some people consider certain snacks “healthy”, when these could actually be causing you more hunger. Snacking is essential on an as needed basis. Every day is different and life is dynamic and changing. If you eat meals with the correct balance of Macronutrients, you will feel sustained until the next meal time. When you consistently need a snack between meals, a few different things could be happening:

1. Your blood sugars are too high or too low, which makes it very difficult to lose body fat.

2. Your Macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat) are imbalanced. Usually it is low protein and healthy fats during your day.

3. Your digestive tract is not absorbing nutrients, leaving your body malnourished

4. You can be bored from your food and need more variety.

If you are more active and need more fuel, Conscious Nutrition’s favorite snacks include:

1. Green apple with Almond Butter

2. Protein Shake with Coconut milk

3. Cucumbers with hummus or guacamole

4. Raw goat cheddar slices

Happy snacking and enjoy.

Heather Fleming

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