Is Eating after 8 pm ok in the Summer?

I love this question. Summer days are longer and filled with more activity. Is your healthy day ruined if you eat a meal after 8 pm? Absolutely NOT! If you have had a day with extra activity and balanced meals, coming home and having a relaxing dinner will only ADD to your day.

There is a new program with more research that identifies fat triggers in the body. Chronic stress being number one along with vitamin and mineral deficiency, toxicity, and limiting beliefs in yourself. If your day provided you a solid foundation of nutrients and healthy habits, then enjoying your evening meal in a relaxed manner will provide you with the real nourishment in life.

The key is to eat balanced. What does this mean for you? Every day is different and every body is different. Your body needs a daily balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Conscious Nutrition provides a customized report that offers you a template for YOUR balance. If you are consistently MISSING essential nutrients, your body will be in a constant state of stress.
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Have an amazing summer!
Heather Fleming

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