Intuitivarian: The New Eating Preference

There are so many different eating preferences due to food sensitivities, morals, or other variables. Many people ask me what type of eating style I am or teach. Recently when asked, I blurted out the word “Intuitivarian”.

My definition of Intuitivarian is: Someone who fuels their body with the correct balance of nutrition in the present moment. This is ultimate self trust and a developed skill in self discovery with your relationship with food.

I enjoy all of the amazing research that is available at our finger tips, however this is challenging and overwhelming for each person to decipher how food effects them on a daily basis. The journey to understanding yourself and how food affects you requires patience and desire.

I am an inspiring sailor. If we chart our course and then the wind and tides change and if we don’t adjust correctly, we are heading for disaster. When other nutritionist or diet plans put you on “the perfect diet” and change always occur during the day, you don’t have the correct tools for success. This can set people up for failure and then you are “off or on” the “diet”. This is a recipe for frustration and exhaustion.

Tips to begin your journey as an Intuitivarian

1. Take 5 deep breaths BEFORE you decide what you want to eat
2. Take an inventory of what you have or HAVEN’T eaten yet
3. Think of how you WANT to FEEL after the meal
4. Review the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree for meal combining ideas (email us for a complimentary Food Tree
5. ONLY enjoy what you are eating and have positive thoughts.

Heather Fleming

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  1. Please send me the food tree. I have been working on it and want to review what I’m doing right.
    Liz Thomas

  2. great article! Puts into clarity something I’ve had hints of in my own eating.

  3. This is the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow. When I put this into practice there is no pushing against what I’m not supposed to eat, look like, or feel like. An honest check in with self will yield astounding results. Since I’ve been doing this I’ve had cravings for fast food and when I take 5 deep breaths my self always supplies me with at least 3 other food choices that would nourish me better and be in congruence with my mandate to feel energetic and easily digest my food. I notice I am eating less in one sitting. Since this is a thoughtful evolution for me I still default and don’t breathe or ask and I eat but I’m not worried or hard on myself. If I want to feel better next time, I simply will do as an intuitivarian does:-)