Intending vs. Doing

What is it that blocks us from doing good intentions that will support us. I have been meditating sporadically for a few years. When I meditate I notice and it is a fact that my life flows more smoothly, I experience less anxiety, I have more patience, and much more that I probably don’t observe immediately. So, this past week I implemented a meditation practice, and it has been effortless. Ok, I know it is only 8 days in a row and I am experiencing the above sensations, but what the heck was stopping me. Does our ego really NOT want the best for us, or is it that the amazing life that is waiting for us around the corner is scary and we are not ready for it.
I am going to rock this meditation practice for 40 days in a row to create a new path so intending to doing is an easier route for the other intentions that are floating around in this mind of mine.

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