Instead of counting points or macros, count parsley leaves

Think back when your complicated relationship with food and your body image issues may have began. Was it in your teenage years when you started to compare your body to others and magazines? Or was it earlier when your favorite aunt said you were thick and big boned? These messages can get stored in our cellular memory, which cause our relationship with our bodies to get a bit convoluted. I have good news for us!

We can re-wire how our cells communicate and respond!

For example, recall a time when you got out of bed in the dark and stubbed your toe. For the next few days you would go around the corner of the bed and retract like the corner of the bed was going to jump out and bite you. This experience became programmed in your nervous system to protect you. Now it is 15 years later and that reaction is still stuck in there.

This is your nervous system protecting you from harm. Which thank goodness, this is how we stay safe. But now we have to relax the nervous system FIRST and help your body and cells feel safe.

So, before we approach a new year resolution with another controlled or extreme program, practicing how can we re-train our nervous system is essential.

I have been observing that how we relate to food is how we may be relating to other areas of our lives. If we feel out of control, we try to control more. If we are experiencing heaps of emotions, we may shut down.

When our nervous system is feeling either of these, we have to re-connect…

1. Stop and Breathe: Most of my clients are very shallow breathers. Being stressed all day stops us from properly inhaling and exhaling.

2. Connect with your senses: Get back in your body by initiating your senses. Whether it is stopping to smell a flower, slowing drinking water and feeling it hydrate you or stare at nature for a minute. This will help your nervous system get out of fight and flight.

3. Feel your stomach growl: Before you grab food, get a sense if your stomach is ready or is it your brain that needs glucose? When you connect your gut and brain with food this will help your neurotransmitters, stress hormones, leptin and help your small intestine receive more nutrients.

I created a NEW program for 2020 to help you practice these steps and stay CONNECTED to your body!

For 6 weeks you will…

  • Receive a nervous system and breathing exercises to help your body heal
  • Symptom tracker so you can interpret what your body is missing.
  • Receive over 30 days of Conscious Nutrition Meal Plans to help you create safe meals for your nervous system
  • Receive weekly homework to practice how to connect with your body with ease
  • Receive FEEDBACK from me while you journal for two weeks and learn how your body responds
  • Two group calls a week, recorded for your convenience!
  • Receive over 200 recipes!
  • Daily videos and tips to help you thrive

JOIN NOW at the Early New Year pricing until 1-15.

Check out my quinoa trick video below!

Enjoy your OWN process,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

P.S. Join me tonight for a complementary webinar! Iwill be LIVE in the Holiday Facebook group sharing insights, tips and other resources to help you ease into your healthy new year.

  1. January 7th @ 5 pm PST: How to let go of rigid rules and learn to rotate different Conscious Nutrition Meal Types to heal digestion.
  2. January 14th @ 5 pm PST: Are you raising your cortisol and not even knowing it?

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