Infrared Sauna to the Rescue

I have been more sedentary these last two months than luckily, I have ever been in my entire life. This winter was time for me to hold space for my dad and do some deep inner work. This took a toll on my social life, business, and my keep busy addition…And I wouldn’t trade this very uncomfortable chapter in my life for anything (now:)

I shook hands with some of my deepest fears, a lifetime of guilt, and became a bit more honest with myself.

In October, I was heading down from Nebraska to my annual nutrition conference in Dallas. On my way there, my dad went into the hospital. I stopped to visit a friend along the way and flipped around to check on him for a couple of days. His diagnosis was Pancreatic cancer. We set up the appointments for the doctors for when I came back from my Texas trip. While I was in my conference, they were demonstrating a sit-down infrared sauna you could try between lectures.

Instantly, I was hooked and had the lay-down version shipped to my Dad’s, since I knew it was going to be an intense winter.

Besides the scientific benefits of the sauna, I needed it for emotional support. Feeling warm in a cocoon was therapy every day for me.

I have had the luxury to house-sit at many homes that had the gorgeous cedar infrared version. The #1 reason I LOVE my portable one more is that I don’t have to wait a certain amount of time to get it warmed up. The second I get in, it springs into action. The #2 reason is, I am a nomad and this half-moon bag can go with me anywhere forever.

I feel like I could have gained heaps of weight this winter, however, I just tried on my summer shorts and they fit fine. Phew.

If you are looking into an infrared sauna, check out this link and you can use the coupon code: heather for a $75 discount. I loved them so much, I signed up to share their information.


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