What’s More Important?

How come some days we have amazing will power and can take care of ourselves impeccably? And other days we can barely drink water and floss our teeth? What happens to our mind set when we can’t do the things we know are good for us in the long run? Just like when the flight attendant reminds us to put on our oxygen masks first before we help our child or others.

I work with some of the most disciplined and successful people, however when it comes to daily self care, it can go to hell in a hand basket. Women who have raised many children, men who have multi-million dollar business, yet they have trouble knowing when to support and nourish themselves in the present moment.

Professional athletes have this ability to overcome any distractions that could hold them back to their prize. What is the prize for you?

What will help us create an addiction to healthy living, vs the addiction of anxiety, stress, running around with our head chopped up, reacting, low-quality foods, & other non nourishing practices?

I just saw a couple of people who I haven’t seen for awhile at a company I speak health and wellness at during their lunch hour. They both have lost over 20 pounds plus. I didn’t ask them what thye did, because I already knew that answer (ate better and moved more). I asked them why? The one woman shared she spent time with her sisters, one was healthy & depressed, the other was energetic and vital. She realized she could choose the path of one or the other. The gentlemen said, going home exhausted after work and not being able to play with his children was his motivation.

Find your why?

  1. Journal about your biggest fears and make a list of action steps that will help you prevent what is holding you back from them.
  2. Baby Steps. Do not try to take this on in one day, set up small goals that will help you tackle the next goal. If you know you need reassuring results, get your labs done, or body fat tested to set markers of achievement.
  3. Stop shoulding all over yourself. I should be working out, I should not have eaten that doughnut. This is mentally and emotionally exhausting which leads to obsessive behavior and distracting your from your why.
  4. What brings you peace? Try to do one of these activities daily to assist you in more self care. For example, reading a book for 10 minutes a day may be the best thing for you.
  5. Visualize your outcomes and stay in a space of gratitude knowing that your supported. Olympic athletes visualize their race to help it just become second nature.

I have a pretend allergy to hospitals and doctor’s offices. I appreciate that they are there for me when I need it in an emergency, however that is not where I want to spend my free time. Is implementing self care practices now going to prevent you from spending your last 20 years of life in and out of doctor’s offices or hospital beds?

Heather Fleming

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  1. Extremly important message.. and that you see it in this point of view.. really show the diffrence between you and most of the other “health gurus” and diet coaches out there.. The one and so far only coaching session we had..(yet..! 😉 changed a lot and I look forward to keep working with you soon.. 🙂

    Warmly // Jeanette