Imagine This

Imagine this…

You take the day off of work, grab a cup of tea, and gingerly and excitedly swagger into your annual physical.

You enter a gorgeous office with live plants, a small waterfall, a salt lamp, and a warm fire in the corner.

The practitioners and staff are relaxed and calm, and their needs are entirely supported. They have done their work to keep themselves emotionally and mentally healthy so that they can help you.

Your first visitor is a skin specialist, aka a dermatologist or similar. They look over your skin leisurely and ask questions about your lifestyle and stress. Then, a facialist gives you a short facial to help revitalize your largest organ, your skin.

They leave, and then the next specialist comes in; let’s go from top to bottom.

The brain/neurologist saunters in and reviews your memory, cognition, depression, mood, and much more…Then the psychologist asks you how you TRULY are. Are you depressed? Have you experienced intense grief or a recent death, trauma, etc? They hold your hand and listen to your needs so you can get them met.

They leave, and then the next specialist comes in and monitors your heart—let’s call them a Cardiologist. You find out your heart is great, and you are so excited to uplevel your cardiovascular routine. Then, a Heart Math specialist helps you with tools and resources to live more in your heart resonance to help with stress.

Then in comes the Nutritionist & Digestive Specialist; they take an hour to check your poop, your colon, and your GI tract, and they encouragingly ask you what you eat and what feels good and not good. They conduct food sensitivity tests and microbiome diagnosis.

Then, the Physical Therapist, Orthopedicist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, and Acupuncturist come in. They stretch you and assess your muscles, bones, ligaments, pain, and flexibility. You receive treatments from each member, and at the end, there is a massage.

Then, this healthy, non-stressed medical team ALL meets and gives their straightforward assessment to your case/care manager. This person reviews your evaluation and action plan and promises to follow up with you monthly.

You go to the front desk and gather the resources you need.

This type of medical system pays bonuses when you are healthy and offers free follow-ups when you feel icky. Every human is entitled and included to receive this type of care.

My heart is tender with how many friends, clients, medical personnel, and people are suffering with their health. One main thing we can shift is that we don’t have to rush around to specialists, and if they were in one office working together, precisely as our body, organs, and systems do, we wouldn’t be in THIS predicament.

When I begin working with clients, I review their Constitution (Blood Type, Body Type, Dosha, Personality type). I also asked them to describe their perfect day, what they ate and drank, who they were with, and what activity they were doing. Then, I design a customized report to help us create the healthy life they deserve.

You can review your symptoms monthly and bring this information to your doctor’s appointments to help your physician see the big picture.

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P.S. I have been writing and cotemplating this blog for a month, then in comes an email from the Blue Zones about a health facility in Singapore that sounds JUST like this! You can read the article here: How Singapore’s Hospital Looks like a Four Seasons.




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P.S. Also, here is an excellent article from the Blue Zones about how Singapore’s hospital looks like a Four Seasons.

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