Ideas on what to do first thing in the morning

Good day to you. Welcome if you are joining us for the 5-day Jump Start and if it wasn’t the right timing for you, no worries, I will be offering it again later in the year. 

One of the main things we are experimenting with over in the Jump Start is how we begin our day. Our mornings can set us up for our day, and adding simple tips to support you is key. 

A few years ago, I did a self-study by testing my fasting blood glucose upon waking for 2 weeks. The first few days, I tested immediately upon waking, then the next few days, I drank water by my bed, meditated then tested. My blood sugar was 10 points lower on the latter. 

My takeaway for my body: Hydrate, meditate, nourish FIRST, THEN grab my phone, tea or coffee.

The more regulated our blood sugar is along with insulin, the better our liver can function to do its over 500 duties by filtering, energy production and detoxifying. 

Here are a few ideas on how to flow with your day, by referring to the chart below. 

Some other of my favorite ideas on what to SIMPLY add in the morning are:

  • A few ounces of green juice. I keep a bottle of Suja in my fridge for this purpose or if I need a quick boost later in the day if I don’t want cold in the morning. Try to get the ones with the lowest sugars < 12 grams, unless you are NEW to green juice, be kind to yourself and grab one that is a bit higher, and you can dilute or mix. It is all about the BIG picture. 
  • If you wake up hungry and ALWAYS have coffee first, try a spoonful of nut butter. Why? Your organs just worked all night to rejuvenate, recover, filter and detoxify. Giving your body nourishment is what most of us need. Most diseases stem from malnourishment. 
  • Try warm water in the morning with either lemon or lime. Our body’s temperature is 98.6 and cold water may be too abrupt on our system. The lemon or lime (which I recommend to rotate) helps with stomach acid production and can also help with inflammation. 
  • This is my new personal favorite: Chlorophyll drops. Chlorophyll can be a blood builder and support detoxification. Just like EVERYTHING, do not take too much, turn down your all or none brain and add in slowly. Too much can cause digestive distress. Here are foods that contain high amounts of chlorophyll. 
    • wheatgrass
    • green beans
    • spinach
    • parsley
    • arugula
    • peas
    • leeks

The next thing to observe after trying new things is to observe how you feel 30 minutes later. Whether it is something you do every day or a new supplement, notice how your body responds. Most programs just ‘make you follow the rules and facts’. I believe your body and organs give you subtle cues every day, and we get to practice listening and understanding these cures. 

This is the mind-body connection that we practice everyday! 

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Week 1: Lungs

Week 2: Digestive tract

Week 3: Liver LOVE

Week 4: Kidneys 

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