I thought I was suppose to eat protein and starch together?

What should I eat?  This is the billion dollar question in the Industry of health and wellness. Every day is different and every one is different. Learning to adjust to your body’s needs is important. Where ever you are at in your journey with wellness it is always great to experiment with how food makes your body feel. The end.

For example, if your digestion is feeling sluggish and you are not craving meat, this is a great time to add in just a Vegetable and Fat meal (refer to video). Whether that be sauteed brussels sprouts with coconut oil or a Veggie juice or Veggie soup with coconut or flax oil. The old paradigm of eating a balance of protein and starches (Veggies are the best carbohydrate) at every meal can be supportive only when your digestion is working optimally. If you are more active and digestion is working great, you can combine fish with quinoa and healthy fats and veggies. Check out the video to get a better ideal of why and how certain combinations work in the body.

Why I love the Conscious Nutrition Food Tree?

  1. Simple, CUTE and easy to use (Thank you to my dear friend Jean for designing it)
  2. Offers different meal combinations that support your digestion, your mental and emotional health, and cravings.
  3. Take a moment everyday and ask yourself  “What haven’t I done yet today?”. Glance at the tree and regroup what you need to prioritize.
  4. Food is wonderful. Most people eat food that is lower energy and then do not add higher quality food and nutrients. For example; if you over fruit, starch and dairy, the tree will topple over without the balance of Veggies, Fats & Proteins.
  5. Enjoy our Video to help guide you with meal planning, grocery store shopping and understanding how to help your body absorb more essential vitamins & minerals from your food.

Take time to practice the different combinations and journal how your body responds.

You want to notice:

  1. Less sugar cravings after meals, especially 5 and 30 minutes after.
  2. Less bloating after meals and more energy.
  3. Mental clarity.
  4. Feeling balanced through out the day vs. needing pick me ups.
  5. Food is healing and nourishing you vs being a nuisance.

Also, check out our Conscious Nutrition Recipe Book. We broke down the recipes into categories that support the Food Tree Balance.

Happy Eating,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Photo by: Jon Mountjoy

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