I know why you haven’t signed up to work with me.

I totally know why you haven’t signed up to work with me. It is my fault. Because I wasn’t making my process or programs easy enough to sign up for and I wasn’t being clear enough on my end. I am not beating myself up (anymore:), and I am becoming clear as a bell on how I want to help you transform your nutrition.

I have so many friends who are clients and so many clients who are now friends. Even my work with them wasn’t always clear. I was trying to condense my 20+ years of nutrition knowledge and philosophy into their program in a short time period. We had a blast and achieved different levels of results. But it wasn’t always a smooth road.

Then I have many friends who would sign up for other programs and tell me about them and their success. I will be honest, I USE to get upset, now I TOTALLY believe it is a journey of your own. What you need is true for you at the time. Also, it got me fired up to make my programs BETTER and more available.

As a one woman show, I was trying to simplify the information to create an easy to follow program like the ones my friends and clients were signing up for. However, I didn’t want to compromise my integrity and my belief of the importance of learning how to trust yourself. For example, counting points with Weight Watchers or doing Whole 30 can be simple and easy to follow. They are a bit to black and white to me BUT I have a secret, if you apply my “What to eat in 3-Steps” with them, you will have yourself your own kick ass program.

But then there is the other issue, is it isn’t easy to “stay on” these types of programs. If it was easy we would just stay on the diet and BAM we stay at our goal size FOREVER. Well, there is this thing called change, that is constant and also we are emotional beings, not a robots.

As I was evolving as a human (which I am one:), the clients I was attracting were in similar spaces. When I was in emotional eating mode, I had heaps of us sifting through these emotions, trying to make sense of them all. Then when I was in scientific mode, I had more clients who just wanted the nuts and bolts. So how do I help us all? I have been working with clients one on one for over 10 years and now I am taking Conscious Nutrition to a new level!

For the past year, I did a beta test with my private group. I have been showering love, education, structure and nourishment all over our community. Guess what was my other main issue and why you didn’t sign up yet? I didn’t think I had enough value to offer or the right system in place to share it. Well, I do. After the election a couple of years ago, I held back on group programs and didn’t want to be responsible for group dynamics. Well, poo on that! We are better together and a conscious community is the path toward our own peace and nourishment which will affect the rest of the world. Because we are ALL CRAVING true intimacy with ourselves and others. How we do this is by sharing ourselves and I am ready and excited to share my value with you!

A friend I have known for over 20 years just signed up for the RESET and this is what she said “I am so relieved to finally be gifting myself tools & knowledge. I’m anxious, but will continue to remind myself the anxiety will subside as I gain knowledge. The unknown can be scary. Looking forward to no longer wandering lost in the aisles of the market.”

If you are new to my approach, a great way to begin with your Conscious Nutrition experience is the the 3-week RESET starting January 14th. This RESET is a wonderful way to begin your new year. You will receive recipes and meal plans that help you connect to your own natural rhythm which will guide you for the rest of your life. I will be doing a Facebook LIVE at https://www.facebook.com/consciousnutrition/ on January 7th @ 5 pm PST to provide you with more information and if you want to ask any questions.

And if you are feeling a bit anxious like my friend, we have another option for you.

A year of Conscious Nutrition!

I do NOT believe you are a static being, however you are a dynamic being and need consistent support to stay connected to your body. The off and on diet approach is out dated, instead this program will support your OWN nutrition evolution.

This program offers you continuous support as you balance your emotional and physical body. For the entire year you will have access to ALL of the RESET and Jumpstart programs (A RESET and/or JumpStart every season~3 months) . They are set to align with the season and timing that will be supportive for you. Plus, I am upgrading these to keep them spicy and intuitive for you.

You will also receive:

Private sessions: Every quarter you and I will connect to uncover what you mind and body need to focus most on.

Monthly Healthy Happy Hours: I will be leading a Happy Hour every month on a topic that will help you with your nutrition awareness.

Monthly Expert Interviews: Each month I will bring in a leader in the wellness community. They will be experts in many different healing modalities, fitness, mind-set, meditation and just overall inspiring people. These peers have enhanced my life or I have tracked them down through my travels and career.

Seasonal recipes: Each season I share my favorite 25 recipes that will keep your palate happy and your body nourished.

Daily (almost) Inspiration: I will be posting ideas, recipes, scientific research, videos and inspiration just to our group.
Discounted extra private sessions with me: Receive 40% off of private sessions when you need an extra boost of support.

Discounted supplements from Metagenics (and hopefully other companies that I affiliate with)
THE community: I will be honest, I don’t LOVE participating in other groups that I join much, HOWEVER, I am seeing the power and transformations that can happen when you open yourself up.

*Disclaimer: Don’t worry if we are getting to mushy or to heady for you, we will break out in small groups.

Learn more about your YEAR of nourishment.https://consciousnutrition.com/conscious-programs/annual-membership/

Making the commitment to your nutrition is all about you becoming the guru of you. Each time I make a new commitment, I feel a bit anxious, nervous and excited. Which usually means it is perfect timing. I can’t wait to support your perfect timing.

Staying clear and keen in 2019,
Heather Fleming, C.C .N.

P.S. Join us for the January 2019 RESET. During the 3-week RESET, we will be practicing these 3-Steps. The main focus will be Step 2: MEAL, where you will experiment with the different Meal Types each week to notice how your body feels. You will head into 2019 with new amazing recipes, an amazing digestive system and heaps of energy. https://consciousnutrition.com/conscious-nutrition-reset-program-2/

P.S.S. Check out this Vegan Mac-n-Cheese video for when you crave creamy foods that ground you. Vegan Mac n Cheese

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