I choose to trust myself…

One of my amazing clients caught herself saying the words “I need to…”, she stopped and switched it to “I choose to…”. Words are powerful. Need can add too much pressure to the situation, where as choose can prioritize what is truly important for you. Everything is a choice, isn’t it?

So, instead of taking part in the hype of “After the holidays, I need to be healthier”, “I need to go on that diet in the New Year”, “I need to just get through the holidays and then I will focus on my goals”.

How about try, “I choose to trust myself  during the holidays and always.” It is more powerful when we state our intentions in the present tense versus in the future or past tense that we don’t have health yet. And if you choose to take a closer look at your nutrition goals, any time you CHOOSE is the perfect time.

Discipline isn’t the issue. Personally, I have a tough time doing my taxes on a Friday night @ 8 pm. It isn’t because of discipline it is because of mindfulness. I know myself and that is just a silly intention. Make sure you are aligned with your intentions; emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. We choose to set ourselves up for success vs. unrealistic expectations that lead us to feel disappointed or frustrated.

For those of you who choose to support yourself with the Conscious Nutrition Jump Start, we are here for you the first week of the month from January-May. Click here for the schedule

Have a beautiful holiday,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

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