I Believe you are Powerful

I have been working with many disgruntled clients lately. They are wonderful people who have done so many amazing things in their life. However, they feel like they are failing at their health and nutrition.


I woke up one morning and the phrase, “You are powerful” came out of my mouth. I dreamt I was speaking in front of a huge crowd and making them say they are more powerful than a chocolate chip cookie.

bite- 010
Most of my clients have the tendency to control their life so they don’t “fail”.  They became scared of the chocolate chip cookie. They believe that once they eat it, they are off their program. True or False?



The program is YOU! If you try to follow a “perfect” diet, which doesn’t exist, you are setting yourself up for the ultimate failure.

However, if you eat the cookie we do need to implement some conscious options to get your body back to balance. Once you eat sugar, it stays in your system for 72 hours, yes I said 3 days. You will continue to crave sugar until you stop the cycle.

Ways to counterbalance the cookie & take your Power Back:

1. Observe your thoughts: Do not shame yourself or feel guilty. This is the WORST thing you can do. Stress increases a hormone called Cortisol, which equals belly fat!

2. If the cookie accidently falls into your mouth, do one or more of these suggestions:

3. Look at your whole day, week and even month. We were all trained to diet and count our daily caloric intake. That is NOT how we want to spend our time. If you didn’t eat like you desired that day, add more nutrition tomorrow. Focus on what you are not eating vs. the darn cookie.

Sorry, now we are all craving cookies,

Your friend,
Heather Fleming

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