How to wake up refreshed & stop peeing in the middle of the night

One of the main issues that can prevent fat loss is if you wake up in the middle of the night and use the restroom. It is very important that your body receives REM sleep. When you sleep preferably from 10 pm to 6 am, your body goes into recovery, restore and refuel mode. If you wake up in the night time and disrupt this process, it leaves you feeling tired and you grab that extra cup of caffeine and start the cycle all over again.

My last blog on how your lungs expel your body fat is still blowing my mind. So link these two together, if you can get your nervous system relaxed, balance your blood sugar and strengthen your bladder, you are setting your body up for complete success while you sleep. The lungs can expel CO2 all night and you wake up feeling super refreshed. When you are in your own natural circadian rhythm your adrenal hormones will not make you jump up to use the restroom, your liver will be doing deep cleansing versus causing you to wake up between 1-3 am, and your lungs will cast out the CO2 leaving your tummy feeling flat when your wake up by releasing all of old bi-products.

How to begin on this amazing sleeping journey:

1. Drink water throughout the entire day. Monitor with meals and right before bed time. Do NOT drink heaps right before bed, or if you do, wait a bit and then relieve yourself so you can relax.

2. Try Omega 3’s before bed time: Whether it is chia seeds, flax oil, fish or krill oil. Try to give your nervous system some support so you can rest deeper.

3. Try essential oils: Lavender is a must next to your bed side. Apply to forehead to help your mind shut off.

4. Try Branched Chain Amino Acids or a quality protein powder before bed time. These amino acids can help support your neurotransmitter functions.

5. Keep a journal by your bedside. This is so important for your health. Note what works for you and what your body is missing.

6. Turn off your GADGETS! This is time for you to be relaxed and peaceful.

If you need more individual support, please let us know. We are here to help you integrate science & trust your intuition.

Good night,
Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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