How to stop stress in the moment & mini-Hypnotherapy session TODAY!

How do you stop the frantic confusion that prevents you from discerning the best choices for you?

When we make a choice, our brain can take over and cause us distress and confusion. Our old beliefs, unconscious programming, and fear can chime in, and then our choices are cluttered with judgment and guilt.

Step 1 of the 4-Step process is:

Place your hand on your heart.

And take 5-Deep Breaths.

Why the hand on your heart?

Your heart is where your wisdom lies. Heart coherence can help us shift to the present moment.

The Heart Math Institute defines heart coherence as a type of coherence that occurs when our body’s systems—breathing, heart rhythms, brain rhythms, and hormonal response—are in sync.

A high-performance and healthy state — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually— brings out the very best in us. Coherence implies harmonious order, connectedness, stability, and efficient energy use.

Placing your hand on your heart will help soothe the brain and allow you to pause and choose from your whole being.

Why 5-Deep Breaths:

One reason for taking five deep breaths is to relax your nervous system and return to your parasympathetic system. When we are in this stressed state, we cannot be curious or empathetic simultaneously. WOAH! This is big.

Another reason for taking five deep breaths is to help your lungs detoxify. Your lungs are the primary source of excreting toxins via your CO2. At each cell in your body, oxygen is exchanged for a waste gas called carbon dioxide. Your bloodstream then carries this waste gas back to the lungs, where it is removed from the bloodstream and exhaled.

This breathwork pause can help you reset your nervous system, prepare your digestive tract, calm your mind and reduce cortisol before you eat.

When your body and organs relax, you can better absorb vitamins and minerals in your digestive tract. It used to be cool to be ‘busy.’

Now, it is time to change this, especially when we eat. If you notice obsessive thoughts around food, you must practice returning to your body.

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