How to help your body stop gaining weight

I will never forget the day when one of my clients walked into the doctor’s office and said “I need to help my body stop gaining weight first before I can even think about losing weight”.

This reframe stopped me in my tracks. We were going to approach this from a completely different perspective. Why was her body gaining weight? What can we do to support this to cease first, instead of stressing the body to release weight?

She experiences Cerebral Palsy, so it wasn’t an easy journey, but she was fully on board because she wanted to meet her grandkids. And I will give away the ending, she lost heaps of weight, over 15% body fat and just sent me a picture of her first grandchild!

The cliff notes of what we did are these:

  1. Heal Malnourishment: She was completely malnourished. Her stress levels and inflammation were skyrocketed. It was super challenging for her body to absorb nutrients and her vital organs were not getting any of the minerals she needed. We switched up her morning routine, (this is when your cortisol is the highest), so her stomach, small intestine, pancreas and liver could do their jobs. Within days, she was pooping better, had more energy and could feel her abdomen circumference reduce.
  2. Heal Toxicity: Her body was unable to detoxify. Focusing on weight loss can cause a more toxic environment in your body. Because you need nutrients to detoxify. Eat quality ingredients, rotating between the Conscious Nutrition Meal Types every 4-5 hours for a few days to a few weeks. Then if you feel ready, you can experiment with conscious, organic Intermittent Fasting. We practice this during our seasonal programs in my community.
  3. Ignite Metabolism: Weight gain is a sign you are missing a metabolic link. At first, she could not digest fats, so we waited until the digestive organs started functioning better, then we added in quality fats. We anchored them to the middle and end of the day for her. Your body may be different, and the only way to know is to EASE-In slowly and experiment with your own amazing body.
  4. Build Self-Trust: After decades of dieting, she was nervous that ‘this’ wasn’t going to work. I don’t blame her one bit. There is so much information, confusion and controversy. We have to learn to discern! The old way of all or nothing is NOT working. We are more stressed, sedentary and lacking wellness. Now, we have to invest in the long haul, you are never THERE. You have to keep stoking the fire so it doesn’t burn out. You are the fire!

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