How to get 20/20 vision for 2020!

I am so excited for 2020, more so than other years. It may be because I love a play on words and numbers, or I am just ready for what is next. We are in the year of 20/20 vision:) Focusing on what helps us feel clear will also help us choose what is nourishing our needs.

What helps you attain more clarity? Don’t you love those days when everything just clicks, aligns and flows with ease. We especially love those days when we have those opposite days, when every thing feels difficult like you are swimming up stream.

What are the things you do to find alignment? My personal favs are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Walking barefoot in nature and the beach
  • A restorative yoga class
  • Travel & new experiences
  • Sunshine
  • Connecting with others
  • A sound bath!

I am ecstatic to share more information about sound baths and the fact that we are doing one EVERY DAY of our RE-New Year Retreat.

My retreat co-leader Jen Pourvasei of Heart Centered Revolution recently shared her Kundalini and gong bath knowledge.

The way Jen thinks of a gong working its magic is by imagining your physical body, energetic body, and mind are like an Ocean (you are 60% water after all). And when she plays the gong, waves of sound current are sent through your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

But, these aren’t just any waves: gongs are tuned to very specific vibrations that create specific benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. As these finely tuned waves of vibration move through your body and mind, they act like a garbage truck collecting all the physical, energetic, and emotional junk that you’re ready to release and moves it out of your system. The vibrations of the gong also work like a tuning fork, calling your energetic body to raise its vibration to match that of the gong.

The first time I did a gong bath, I had a mixed experience. Some old anxiety in my body was running its course and causing me to feel restless in my legs and core. While I was feeling a bit antsy and wanting to jump out of my skin, my mind was happy, calm, relaxed and peaceful, like I took a nap. This is testament that we are all vibrational energy and our cells have memories and old stagnant energy that needs to be released.

(Jen learning to play the gong during Teacher Training).

15 Benefits of a Gong Bath:

  • Relieves headaches, menstrual cramps and muscle pains
  • Improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Creates deep relaxation in the physical body
  • Clears the mind of the constant stream of thoughts
  • Immediate reduction of the stress and anxiety
  • Stimulates and improves function of the glandular system
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Reduces subconscious blocks
  • Organizes emotional energy
  • Aids in breaking addictive behavior
  • Regenerates neurons and their interconnections
  • Regenerates the nervous system
  • Clears the aura so your projection is more powerful and your energy is more protected
  • Opens and aligns the chakras
  • Clears the subconscious mind from negative thought patterns
  • Strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Helps repair damage to the nervous system caused by stimulants (i.e. coffee) and stress.

Gong baths are incredibly efficient and powerful catalysts for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Along with the gong, Kundalini and yours truly cooking comforting vegetarian meals for you, we will also be dumping out the subconscious thoughts that keep holding you back year after year.

How are we doing this? Jen will be leading us in a Rebirthing kriya during the weekend before the New Year. These special kriyas are designed to bring up and release so much of the junk that gets stored in our subconscious mind, that you’re a new person at the end of the practice.

This Subconscious Mind SHIFTING! To gain a deeper understanding of how Rebirthing kriyas work, it helps to know a little bit about how the subconscious mind works. Your subconscious mind is like the operating system on which your conscious mind works. You’re consciously aware of and in control of a small percentage of your thoughts and actions; the rest are programs that are running in your subconscious.

I believe so much in shifting the operating system of the subconscious mind, I am creating a whole new process focusing on this for 2020! Stay tuned for more information and research!

If you are resonating with the gong bath, the Rebirthing kriya and ready to experience them fully, Join us for our RE-New Year retreat!

This retreat will…

  • Shower your nervous system with the sound baths
  • Nourish your stomach with my intuitive cooking approach
  • Ignite your spirit from the Kundalini yoga practices
  • Energize your social life being with other people with high vibes!

Check out the fun video Jen and I made to share the vision and inspiration for the retreat. click here

Re-New Year Retreat

2020 is a CLEAR New Year!

Payment plans are now available!

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