How to Feel More Confident at Meal Times

The goal is to be in alignment with your body’s hunger signals versus behind your body and in a constant frenzy of trying to catch up and feed it when it is too late or with lower energy food.

Does that mean to eat 6 times a day or just 3 meals a day or when you are hungry? The answer may be all of the above. You want to feed your hunger, muscle mass, and organs the energy it needs versus feeding your emotional cravings, blood sugar dips, and eating incomplete meals that leave you feeling dissatisfied.

One of my clients was losing her joy with food, meal times and all of the rules in her brain. So for one week we focused on ONLY eating when she actually felt hungry. There was some fear to overcome the first day because she wasn’t hungry until the evening, and all of her programming was telling her you “should” eat. After the first day, balanced hunger and tummy growls came in and she could feel more connected with meals choices and more excited for quality, healthy food again.

Sometimes you just need a break and to shift your perspective. Just like when you get home from traveling, you are so excited to “eat your own food” versus going out to dinner again.

What to notice and observe before and after meal times?

  1. Be Hungry. This is simple, however, many people eat when they are not truly hungry, only to feed their blood sugar imbalances and stress hormones. Find out what your true, natural hunger is and really feel it.
  2. Take the 5 deep breaths & ask yourself if you want hot or cold and sweet or savory foods, then approach meal planning and using our Conscious Nutrition Food Tree.
  3. After meal times notice how your body responds 5-10 minutes, 30 minutes and 2 hours. If you feel mental clarity, no bloating, and energy, the meal was the correct balance for you. If you notice the opposite, stress hormones may be high and the combination of foods wasn’t as supportive for you.

Planning and preparing meals can be daunting and time consuming. However, when you initiate connection with your body this will become easier and effortless.

Stay breezy,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.


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