How to do a Body Check

No, I don’t mean a wrestling move or how to check out people at the beach. 🙂 I mean how to take time to check in with your body and what to do. Like a personal body scanning procedure.

Here is a old typical day for most people:

7 am: Wake up exhausted and frenzied.

8 am: Grab a coffee and scone on their way to work

10 am: Grab their second cup of coffee and another donut

12 pm: Soup & Salad (trying to be good )

3 pm: CRASHING, grabbing a soda, candy, chocolate, whatever!

5 pm: Canceling their workout and going home to veg out, watch tv and order a pizza.

9 pm: They get their second wind and have a glass of wine to calm down and stay up too late on their technology.


The New Day of how to check in:

7 am: Wake up refreshed and energetic. Take 10 minutes to meditate, visualize and FEEL your day and set intentions and desired outcomes.

8 am: Lemon water, tea, smoothie or a hot and savory breakfast. Pack snacks for the day.

10 am: Grabbing a second snack; take 5 deep breaths, closing eyes for 5 minutes to reset.

12 pm: Ask your body if you want hot or cold and sweet or savory foods? (You can do this for all meals.) Then choose what balance best supports you and your day. Do you need more protein for lunch because you are heading to exercise after work? Do you need a bigger snack and smaller lunch due to your schedule? This is were you assess your body and adjust the the inflammation and hormonal state that your body is at in the present moment. Do not follow a regimen, however, observe and assess.

3 pm: Feeling great, grab fruit, veggies and hummus, a Kombucha or herbal tea for a natural energy high. Review what you haven’t done yet for the day. Do you need more veggies, water, stretching, etc. Do you feel bloated or satiated? How much water have you drank today? Do you need to be socially engaged this evening or alone time?

5 pm: Have a snack on your way to the exercise class of your dreams.

7 pm: Ask your body again what it needs, and be REALISTIC what is in the fridge to match it. Create meal times that support you by shutting off technology and truly connecting with your food and family.

9 pm: Your evening ritual to help your nervous system calm down. Bath, book, family time etc.

Taking 5 deep breaths though out the day helps your body be in Acceptance Mode vs. Resistance Mode. Keep checking in around these times. Our body’s organs correlate with certain times of the day, and these organs need certain nutritional components to keep them happy and running efficiently.

Happy Checking,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N


Photo by: Caleb Roenigk

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