How to declutter your relationship with food?

When I reflect on my past relationship with food, I wouldn’t recommend that type of relationship for anyone to experience. It was obsessive, controlling, non-trusting, needy, desperate, co-dependent and abusive.

Starting around the age of 17, when I would begin to think about my next meal, I would start to sweat with anxiety, so stressed and overwrought with what I was going to eat. I did’t want to eat something that gave me heartburn, made me feel bloated, messed up my blood sugar, gave me super bad gas, went right through me or made me extra teenage bitchy. So I headed into college with a biz major, but I was so inspired by the instructor of my first nutrition course, I changed my major that day! Now, I have a messed up stomach and was trying to fix myself by becoming obsessive about studying nutritional science. Do you notice a pattern with the word obsessive:)

The science was such an essential foundation for me and it helped my brain start to relax around the unknown. That was the beginning of me sorting through my messy stomach issues and non-stop mind to discover new solutions.

Where does this type of reaction and relationship toward food come from?

The unknown is scary for all of us. Especially when you are experiencing discomfort, pain and lack of hope. Since my digestive issues started at such a young age, I didn’t have a lot of years where I felt relaxed and certain around how food would effect me. And then there is the fact, I love food. So something that brought me joy, nourishment and connection also hurt me. WOAH. (just had a deep a-ha).

Developing any of our relationships from a place of pain creates turmoil. So how do we shift this? Is there a pill that we can take to delete all of the past pains and programming?

There isn’t a pill, but there is a way.

  1. Retrain
  2. Reframe
  3. Refocus
  4. Rebalance

Our nervous system and organs protect us by HOLDing on to anything that has been a threat to us in the past. That is why we have fear around some of our choices. Instead of allowing your brain to take the lead, it is time to allow the body to express its needs.

The famous Marie Kondo teaches us to place items on our heart to see if they bring us joy to help us clear clutter out of our lives. For the past 5 years, I have been suggesting clients put their hands on their heart and tummy, Step 1: FEEL from “What to eat in 3-Steps”, to tune into their body. What clutter, past ideas, old beliefs, diet trends and hoopla are you sifting through before you make food choices? The best gift to give yourself with your relationship with food is to start NEW!

The best way to start NEW is watching your words and thoughts.

Try to discontinue saying:

  • I can’t eat that. Instead say~My body doesn’t prefer that at this time.
  • I hate that (I think we ALL need to let this word go). Instead say~No thank you.
  • I don’t know what to eat with all of the different diets out there. Instead say~I trust my body in the moment by practicing to follow my OWN instincts.
  • I shouldn’t eat too much of this: Instead say~I am tuned into feel the subtle sensations that help me eat the right amount for me at this time.
  • This isn’t what I usually eat: Instead say~I love variety and being surprised what my body chooses.

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With abundant nourishment,

Heather Fleming

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