How Sumo Wrestlers Gain Weight?

I have been noticing a common theme when it comes to dieting. Everyone is restricting themselves to lose weight. Our mind set has been brainwashed to believe restriction equals health? Fat Chance.
A sumo wrestler gains weight eating healthy food in a large meal once to twice a day then sleeping for a long period of time.

How can we change this mind set to become balanced and satiated?

I am honored to be working on a new project. Four overweight people living in a Hollywood mansion for 4 months. They have tried many different diets, pills, programs, etc. My secret was to get them eating whole, quality foods at consistent time intervals. They were having a tough time believing that they had to eat to lose weight. After one week, they all have lost weight, and gained energy. Will there be plateaus? Yes. How do you overcome those? Experiment. Every body is different and you have to adjust to your own lifestyle and body’s secret messages.

A great way to do this is our group JumpStart Program after the Labor Day holiday. It is a 7 am (PST) inspirational group phone call for 5 days. Day 1 will set you up for success on what groceries to purchase and mental preparation. Day 2-4 are the directions to follow the Conscious Nutrition JumpStart Program, and day 5 will be how to continue the momentum. The goal is always to be nice to yourself, and give your body a break.
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Have a super holiday,
Heather Fleming

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