How is your relationship with beans?

How do you do with beans?
Made this 3-bean Mexican salad this weekend.
They were organic, canned, I rinsed them super well.
Added some taco 🌮 seasoning from #Siete Foods.
Chopped up a red onion.
Then topped with fresh lime juice, fresh garden tomatoes 🍅 from my neighbor and 🥑 avocado.
The thing with beans…
They are high in fiber, balanced with protein and carbos, and can be satisfying.
I would say 50-70% of my clients and friends do well with them, and my body loves them.
What about the other group?
It is all about your constitution…
*Your body type. Do you get sluggish from starches? Do you carry more weight in your gut versus your hips?
*Your blood type. I tend to see O blood types not do as well with beans and us A blood types do a lot better.
*Your metabolic type. Do you digest proteins slow and carbs faster? Or the other way around?
*How you 💩! Do you constipate easily or do you have loose stool?
*Your Dosha Type in Ayurvedic medicine: Do you have a fiery digestive tract or a more stagnant one?
So the takeaway!
No one, I repeat no one can be the authority of your body besides you.
And the challenge is, that it is always a dynamic and changing thing. So you get to be savvy and play, practice and give beans a try:) perfection and being the master of a diet isn’t the end goal, enjoying your food and moaning maybe:)
My Meals and Feels program helps you with just this!
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