How do you recalibrate?

We wake up every morning and put one foot in front of each other. What was so important to you yesterday may not be important for you whatsoever today. I was so excited to share a video last week, but it felt unimportant due to the fires that were burning in Southern California. I let it go about what I thought I wanted to share and then an idea came to me to share supportive supplements for stress. Is it easy for you to recalibrate or do you find it difficult to move forward?

I did an experiment with two different Magnesium supplements. I decided to try the new brand and then share my findings. What I discovered was not what I expected. I set myself up to try the new brand for one week to give it a fair shot. What I learned was, I missed my old one by day 4 and didn’t practice what I preach. What I should of done was, I will try the new brand for as long as it feels in alignment with me.

Some of you may agree that I should have done a fair trial for the week, and you may be right. But what I observed was, the obsessive and passive thoughts I had around the new Magnesium. Was I being lazy and using the sense of comfort to go back to my old one? Or was it true that my body did not agree with the ingredients of the new one? Watching myself bicker with my own mind was my favorite part of the experiment. I realized I do trust myself and I wasn’t letting you all down and being passive, I was being completely honest with myself. Do you allow yourself to get to honesty or do you jump out of the discomfort as fast as you can?

This is the whole experiment with life. Are you going to START a rigid New Year program or are you going to enter this next year with a different mind set? I use to do group programs that were more specific. I loved doing them, but what I loved the most was when people “fell off” of it and what they truly observed and learned about themselves.

This year beginning Monday, January 15th @ 5 pm PST (recorded for your listening convenience), I will be guiding a group to dive into their own process.

Week 1 is a week of nourishment and releasing inflammatory foods.

Week 2 is the week of experimenting with Protein and Vegan meals to discover how many your body needs per week. Also, trying new supplements and when to add in Intermittent Fasting.

Week 3 is a week to finding your own rhythm, balance and relief by adding in foods that you adore and see how your body responds.

Join the group or join solo!

Join the Conscious Nutrition’s Intuitivarian Process

With so much gratitude for all of the firefighters,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N

P.S. Here is the Magnesium experiment video & also, the video to support life’s stresses.

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