How do you like your Organic Eggs?

There is a variety of choices when buying your eggs. Here is the low down.

1. Ideal scenario: Buy your own chickens! “Click Here to Learn More”
or Purchase Organic free-range eggs. These chickens get time outside and can eat worms and grubs. Their eggs contain the highest amount of Omega-3’s.

2. Second scenario: Organic Cage free eggs which are in barns but not let outside to play.

3. Third Scenario: Organic Cage free vegetarian eggs which are only fed grains and not the worms.

Speaking of eggs. I am focusing on putting my eggs in one basket to support my clients more effectively. I was blessed to attend a workshop this weekend with leading experts that are spreading nourishment and joy throughout the world. We primarily focused on how to enhance our strengths to allow ourselves to be more generous in our businesses, lives and relationships.

My main strength is inspiring others to make SIMPLE, realistic changes toward nutrition freedom. A nourished body can support others to live a life to their fullest potential. As I am finishing up the last details for publishing my book, the “Have it ALL Diet”, I will be only be supporting 5 NEW Conscious clients a month for the Introductory Program. The Introductory Program includes the Conscious Supplement Program, Customized Report, Jumpstart program, weekly coaching & the excitement of “What is Next” stages.
“Click Here to begin Introduction Program”

I look forward supporting you on your journey toward a healthy mind and body.
Have a wonderful day,
Heather Fleming

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