How can you change your life in the next 24 hours?

Have you ever felt so lost on what to do about a situation and was certain there were no options? Then BAM, out of nowhere an answer or a possibility you would have never thought of comes to you? For me, this is the scariest and most exciting part of life, the unknown.

I use to create meal plans so people could feel safe and try to follow what I designed. Well, by day 2, their best friend came into town and they went out for lunch, then felt like they went “off” the program. Or worse yet, they followed what I wrote to a tee, and were still exhausted every morning, mentally tired and didn’t lose a pound, so talk about frustrated. The UNKNOWN wins. We have to play the game of life and figure out how to adjust to our unknowns. What keeps us from embracing the unknown?

FEAR. FEAR. FEAR & Control.

So, how do practice nutrition when the unknown is our biggest threat?

I have dove deep to make sure I am NOT setting people up on another program and they feel they “fall off” of. Instead, creating the Conscious Nutrition 3-week RESET was to ONLY offer you relief, personal power and mindful tips for you play your game of life.

You know the feeling after you eat an amazing meal and you feel satiated, your tummy feels flat, your head hits the pillow with a smile on your face and you do not have one food worry in the world. I want you to experience MORE of these meals, days, months and years.

How do we do this?

  • Practice.
  • Experiment.
  • Smother ourselves with compassion and self love.
  • Try new things to see new possibilities.

For this Spring RESET, to help your brain and body try something new, we are adding in a new herb for you to experiment with your body. I took an herb class and this was the #1 herb that stood out to me. I have been trying it for the past few weeks, am loving it and wanted to relay my findings.

Some observations I noticed are:

  • WAY less bloating. My tummy feels so much better. I tend to have congestion in my lower abdomen due to slight endometriosis that I have been healing for the past few years.
  • Better BM’s: You know how much I love to talk about our poo! When I created the JumpStart & RESET programs, it was all about getting your organs nourished and your digestive tract working like a well oiled engine. When we absorb what we eat and then the organs detoxify well, you may have TWO healthy (formed, somewhat float and a clean wipe) BM’s a day. When we have these two a days, our jeans fit better, we feel a little more flexible in our exercise classes and we are WAY happier.
  • Happier skin: My skin has been pretty dry since I landed in Joshua Tree, but once I started the herbs, I noticed my skin bounced back.

All of these observations are not just from the herbs but also from following the different Meal Types from the CN Food Tree. When we practice the Meal Types, add a new supplement, prioritize self-care, hydration, extra veggies into our diet AND watch the thoughts and our reasoning, we are setting ourselves up for success.

What you receive for your Spring RESET!

1. THE program: The document sets you up for your weekly goals, insights, meal ideas and self-care focus.

2. Weekly Calls: We meet weekly via video on Zoom so you can receive the support you deserve. Each call focuses on the science and emotional well being around food. Each call is recorded for your listening convenience.

3. Conscious Nutrition’s books: Recipe book with 111 recipes that support each Meal Type. The Cravings guide to help you learn more about your cravings and yourself.

4. Private Facebook community: Our community ROCKS. Everyone is on their own journey and taking a lighter approach. I will shower the page with information, cooking videos, ideas and suggestions.

5. An expert interview: I am bringing in an amazing doctor of Acupuncture to share her insights about the body to give you some suggestions for your health.

6. BONUS: 25-Spring Recipes for you to continue your conscious nutrition journey.

The grocery cart closes @ 11 am PST on Sunday, March 31st to sign up for the RESET! I will be on my computer then to send you the information and add you to the private Facebook community!

Come play the game of life & join the RESET here!

My friend Barb had such a great experience with last summer’s one week program. She is still soaring from the suggestions she tried and added.

If you want more insight, Click on the pick and check out our quick chat here!

Barb & I chat!

P.S. Sign Up by 11 am PST and I will send you the info! 

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