Honey Jelly recipe & are you rebelling or trying Intermittent Fasting?

Some of us have a super disciplined nature; some of us do not.

As a Virgo, I used to try to be ‘perfect’. Train for triathlons, restrict my eating for decades, and force myself to do more. Only to live a life full of anxiety and stress.

When we keep trying to look for perfection and safety outside of ourselves, we are operating from our innate nervous system conditioning to constantly look for danger. Woah, so all day we are in a reactive state, which causes havoc on our hormones and cellular chemistry.

For a few years, I was naturally fasting on either Monday or Tuesday. I was living on my sailboat, creating my nutrition program from scratch, and started meditating regularly.

I was in a RENEWAL phase. So fasting was easy and breezy.

Now, I am totally rebelling against Intermittent Fasting. I am eating for comfort and connection. I have tried a few lighter days of eating but my nervous system was too stressed to stick to it.

We go thru cycles every 7 years. What worked for us in the past may not work the same way now. So what do we do?

I notice some of my clients can force themselves to fast, just drink juice for days or stay on a rigid program. However, they usually feel like ‘it didn’t work’ or they gain the weight back.

We have to align our psyche WITH our body. Our body KNOWS best and if we try to outthink it, we are in struggle and strife. Even forcing Intermittent Fasting can dysregulate your blood sugar and put added stress on your organs.

Why Intermittent Fast?

One word…Autophagy.

A-well regulated, orderly process to break down and recycle various cellular components. A type of self-renewal method.

Take a glance at this awesome image of the benefits of Autophagy.

Join me to GENTLY bring in Intermittent Fasting. We will address the cues your brain and body are giving you for which day is best for YOU to try a lighter day of eating!

Not a rigid schedule, but your own body’s needs.

During the 10-Day Appetizer Course, we will ease in with the Conscious Nutrition 4-Meal Type program, gently reduce inflammatory foods, and try a 24-hour day of LIGHT eating or fasting.

The first call is July 18th with follow-up support for over TWO weeks. Email me for a few questions.

Here is a new fun recipe I tried, messed up, and now LOVE!

I crave gelatinous textures, such as oatmeal, tapioca, collagen, jelly, ice cream, and gluten. The protein in oats is called avenin. This little snack is a great treat to help this craving! Yes, add the agar and water to bring it to a boil together:)

Here is the full recipe and I topped it with peaches. Super refreshing dessert for the summer.

Honey Jelly with ginger and Agar

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If you do not want to expend any energy on your relationship with food, come support your nervous system differently.

What is Neurodynamic Breathwork?

We use deeper focused breathing, sustained for some time, in a safe space created by the facilitator, while listening to dynamic music to process and release emotions, connect to our intuitive and creative impulses, and improve health and well-being.

Come relaxed in your pajamas, you don’t need to have your video on or talk.

Just receive and feel your Inner Intelligence.

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July 10th

July 24th

Thank you for your continuous support and exhale!

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