Which holiday habits support you and which ones suck your energy?

It is that time of year again. Are we going to fall into the rabbit hole of stress or are we going to brace and embrace ourselves for impact.

Let’s set some healthy intentions for the next six weeks versus pushing them away until January 1st.

1. Begin your day with quality nourishment:

HYDRATE! Have water waiting for you by your bed. Then head to the kitchen and either make herbal tea, lemon water or just warm water. This time of day for hydration is essential to move your bowels, clear your kidneys, and support your brain function.

Nourish: How do you approach your first meal? Do you just want to get it over with so you don’t get hungry later? Try to take a minute and actually see if you are hungry and if so then add in the fuel with connection. Either sit in the sunshine or spend quality time with your family, we need your cortisol as relaxed as possible.

2. How do you train your body and mind?

Your body: Can you feel the difference in your body on days when you need intensive exercise vs. a more relaxing movement practice? This is essential to connect with your body from a whole approach vs the old paradigm of no pain, no gain. Olympic athletes practice this by checking their resting heart rates each day to prevent injury and assess which exercise routine to implement. Checking your Resting Heart Rate is part of the Experiment phase in the NEW & Improved Intuitivarian 22 Day Process. If you are ready to begin your “new year” now, I am here for you!

Your mind: Are you meditating? Visualizing? Journaling? Porch sitting? Whatever tool you use to train your mind to connect with your emotions and life experiences. Do you feel fulfilled, spent, flat or exhausted? Sometimes or all of the time, the answers are right there within us. Take time to review the end of your day by checking in with what you are feeling.

3. How do you connect with people?:

How is it that people we love challenge us the most:) This is the time of year we spend with family and friends, do you appreciate your connection with them or do you feel drained after the gatherings?

I have been observing projection. Projection I do on to other people and the projection I see coming my way. For example; you receive a vague email from someone, do you jump to the negative and worse possible situation or do you wait to hear back from them to assess your correct response then?

I challenge all of us to be more available and create a projection free zone. These projections can be from deep wounds that are linked to shame, guilt, and other repressed emotions. The more love we have available to give, the more love we can receive.

4. How do you approach goal setting?

Are you a perfectionist? Do you let life push you around? Is it easy for you to focus? Setting ourselves up for success is way better versus trying to climb Mt. Everest everyday. For example, my get sh** done day is Monday and my creative day is Thursday. Creative days are my favorite, I clear my calendar and only have inspirational to do’s on my list, I am always ready to jump out of bed. How can we have more of these days?

The Intuitivarian 22 Day Process has a daily journal for you to observe your OWN rhythms and discover how you respond and react to stress. Journaling SUCKS, but man does it work. This journalling experience isn’t about control or judgment, it is all about self discovery. I journaled for a year while I was creating and discovering my nutrition philosophy. Having conviction to our own truths and beliefs will make goal setting effortless.

5. What books, people, experiences shape your thinking?

You know those moments when you are impacted by a book, movie or a person? I have 3 mentors, am an avid reader and adore movies that make me laugh and shift my perspective. Look for people and experiences to lift you up during the holidays. We are shifting from a consumer dominant culture to a minimalist and experience rich lifestyle. Instead of going through the motions of what you have done year after year, pause and create a new experience that gives you and your loved ones more fulfillment and insight.

Get the board games and dust off the deck of cards, shut off the TV and electronics and enjoy each other FULLY. We will desire a bit less food and be able to consciously choose if we are all having a more connecting experience.

Have a wonderful holiday season and subscribe to my YouTube to catch some of my holiday videos! I am joyfully working over the holidays to create some amazing programs to support you and all of the amazing health coaches out there.

Holler if you need embraced and we can set up a pow wow session here: 

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

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