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It all started with an intention.

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~The Happiest Nutritionist on the planet

Dear Oprah u0026amp; Weight Watchers,

I am able and willing to support the movement of spreading joy, nourishment and freedom.

The time has come to create a healthy mind set and relationship with your body and food. No one wants to be in a judgmental, critical, obsessive, controlling, co-dependent relationship, especially with ourselves u0026amp; food. Food is innocent. Instead, let’s create a curious and confident relationship by shifting the dieting paradigm to the new Total Acceptance and Self-Love Program.  

I have dreamed to INFUSE consciousness and self love with the Weight Loss programs, now look what manifested….

After Oprah invested in WW, I could sense a big change and wanted to be part of it. I shared this post on Facebook and received many responses of congratulations by others believing this post came true.

Facebook Post

 A few months later I purchase tickets for her Super Soul Sessions, landing in the front row, and got to catch myself in the promo. During Oprah’s talk, I was so moved and can feel the energy of it ALL.

Screen shot of me:)Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.57.27 PM
Me during O


I would be honored to be part and assist leading the team that is going to support Weight Watchers to be a conscious, self-love nutrition program. Helping individuals feel liberated with their relationship with food is how I have been evolving with my personal journey and steering Conscious Nutrition.

Please contact me and visit my website to learn more about me.

With love u0026amp; joy,

Heather Fleming, C.C.N.

Script u0026amp; Vision for Brandon u0026amp; Heather to create a FUN, intentional video for my next phase:

Start with a cute picture of Oprah u0026amp; I with a heart and cupid arrow.

“It all started with an intention” 

Cut to me playing the video of her and I meeting. Have the video playing on my laptop and me pointing and saying this..

“Oprah, this is where we met as you were talking and I was beaming up at you hanging on to every word you said. Your presentation and journey feels aligned with my personal mission of supporting myself and others to implement a self-love relationship with food, their bodies, and our souls.”

Picture of the Facebook message, picture of me and the promo…u0026amp; voice over.
“A few months prior after you invested in WW and me showing up on the front row and appearing in the Promo@ Super Soul Sessions, I sent out a facebook manifesting message stating that I was humbled to be a part of your advisory board. Everybody believed me, even though I quoted that I was just putting out the vibe.”

Back to me.

“If this intentional video finds you, I am ready and willing to support shifting the dieting paradigm to the new Total Acceptance, Freedom u0026amp; Self-Love program.”

Call me Maybe… Song…

And phase out to my website…