Heart-Based Nutrition

Did you know your heart has its OWN intelligence?

Heart Coherence is a high-performance and healthy state — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually— that brings out the very best in us.

The term coherence implies harmonious order, connectedness, stability and efficient use of energy. What if we applied heart coherence to health, healing and nutritional science? I think we would be heading in a better direction.

Coherence is the state when the heart, mind, and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. “It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.”

I wish I could teach just nutritional science, but seeing people suffer from trying to eat perfectly and still have disease symptoms or not seeing any results encouraged me to learn more about our bodies and psyches.

Did you know that after a patient receives a heart transplant, they can carry some of the same personality traits and food cravings as the donor? This phenomenon is called transfer of cellular memory, and four types of cellular memory are presented: (1) epigenetic memory, (2) DNA memory, (3) RNA memory, and (4) protein memory. This is proof that feelings, emotions and memories live in our cells.

The MAIN reason I am teaching nutrition is to help eliminate the pain of guilt and shame around food.

I ONLY felt guilt and shame around not being able to ‘fix’ my relationship with food. I was in a constant state of despair. When I finally learned how to relax my mind and FEEL from my heart around food...I felt freedom.

I didn’t have to expend so much energy stressing about what to eat. If I ate ‘other’ foods I didn’t judge or shame myself for days on end. This freedom feeling is something I want to bottle and share with others who feel like I did.

Eating is so strongly connected with our feelings, whether we are happy, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, ANGRY, lonely, or depressed. Since we eat every day, we get to practice our discernment often.

Instead of just ‘thinking’ with our mind, we can connect deeper to increase our ability to discern a better course of action at the moment intuitively.

How can we create more coherence with how we make choices for our health? Cardiovascular issues are the #1 cause of death worldwide, with 17 million deaths a year, so what can we do for our heart health?

1. Breath: Try to slow down your breath and practice 5-6 breaths for a one-minute period. Set your phone for a minute and count your inhales and exhales. Deep breathing slows down your heart rate, allows the body to take in more oxygen, and ultimately signals the brain to wind down. It also balances your hormones by lowering cortisol levels and increasing endorphins in the body. Nourish YOUniversisty courses focus on adding in 5 deep breaths before we eat, grocery shop, or order food. This helps calm our brain, and feel more heart-centered so we can listen and RECEIVE new information.

2. Foods for y♥️ur heart: Add in wild salmon, walnuts or walnut butter, buckwheat, blueberries, avocados, Swiss chard, asparagus, broccoli, green tea and dark chocolate (magnesium). Tonight, I am having salmon and asparagus, a twofer!

3. Herbs: Cinnamon, Tumeric, Bromelain, Cardamon, Ginger, and Berberine. One of my secrets to share with my clients is: to sprinkle cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon into your coffee grounds before whichever method you use! Notice if your energy levels increase in the late afternoon.

4. Emotional & Mental Health Support: Who is on your speed dial when you are in need of support? Sometimes we go inward and sometimes we need to call a friend or expert. I have been working with an expert for over 15 years, and she turned 90 this month. I used to feel ‘selfish’ spending time and paying money to focus on my emotions. Now, it is essential for my thrival. If you cannot afford expert health advice, there are many complimentary programs, please email me back for information. And we are happy to offer our Compassion Class on a scholarship basis.

I became a Neurodynamic Breathwork facilitator last year to help with #1 & #4. Besides being a Clinical nutritionist, I KNEW and FELT there was so much more going on in our bodies and minds.

Nourish YOUniversity 2024 membership includes two Breathwork sessions per month to help you regroup and move stagnant emotions and energy. It is hard to heal our gut environment or nervous system when our cells are not vital.

If you are starting to feel anxious or looking for an extreme program to follow in January, I am here to help you release the perfection, and practice WITH your body versus forcing it.

Join me for my LIVE Wellness Webinars in January. I will share more about the Conscious Nutrition philosophy and the 3 different modalities we experiment with each month over at Nourish YOUniversity.

Get on the Wait List HERE for the 2024 Wellness Webinar series information!

P.S. Our LIVE 4-week Self-Compassion Class begins tomorrow, Wednesday, November 29th to give your 2023 a self-love send-off.

We are combining the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction takeaways, research on compassion, the Heart Math Institute, and Positive Psychology.

During these 4-weeks, which are in between the holidays on purpose, you will identify some of your Achilles heel patterns that take you down, and what you can do to lift yourself up. Sign up below or let me know if you have any questions.

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