Heads up on signing petitions for Label GMO’s

Hello all,
I wanted to give my local San Diegoans a heads up regarding being informed if our food is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) or not. You will see heaps of people wanting your signature to make sure we have the right to know if food has been altered.
Many other countries have OUTLAWED GMO’d foods and we want to make it known that if it GMO’d then you can make an informed decision.
Our bodies are resilient, however it takes time and slow introduction for the body and genetics to adapt. For example, you moved to the antarctic and introduced a higher fat diet to your body, your children’s children genes will be altered for better digestion to these foods.
Foods grown in a Petri dish are a bit different than those grown by Mother Earth, so the body will be experiencing stress to understand the cellular communication of these molecules.
To learn more about Label GMO’s head to their site.
Staying informed and empowered is ALWAYS the right answer.

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