Have it ALLmost

I am so intrigued observing many of my clients and friends as they take on prioritizing their health and wellness. Most everyone has enough knowledge to make them dangerous, while others struggle with their personality traits that sabotage them to make the changes they desire.

Nutrition is a science and a crap shoot. The science portion involves getting your labs tested, working with health care professionals, and recording your individual data. The crap shoot is actually following through and doing it. Whether it is pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone or being really honest with yourself, that is the true test.

The great news is that if you mess up today, you always have tomorrow. We are all in this world together.

The other great news is that my book is done. The Have it ALL Diet is ready for purchase and for you to begin practicing. The book contains the Conscious Nutrition Jumpstart Program, 90-day journal with daily tips, recipes, and much more. This book is more of a how-to manual to support you to eat real food and eliminate restriction and deprivation.

Click on the link below to receive a portion of the book for you to peruse, and of course you can purchase on our website or Amazon.com
“Click HERE to Have it ALL”

Thank you for continuing to read my blogs and supporting me on this journey,
Heather Fleming

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