Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude Bowls

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner with family and friends. If you do not want to experience food coma, try to eat the turkey and veggies first with minimal starches, then either choose the sweet potatoes or dessert at least 60 minutes after. Lay down on your left side after to digest best and then prepare for either more food or a social activity.

In honor of gratitude week, one of my favorite restaurants is Cafe Gratitude. I recently went with my friends in Kansas City (see photo below) and wrote a blog about this amazing place 3 years ago. They have an amazing concept and mission. When you order you say a positive affirmation and you can purchase a grateful bowl for someone in need.


How can we be more grateful every meal vs. once a year?

Make a big bowl of quinoa, beans or ground meat for the week, then add in the veggies that need to be eaten, top with avocado or salsa, and seasonings. Smile at your food, take a deep breath and ENJOY!

Happy Thanks for Giving,
Heather Fleming


Thanks tinaxduzgen for the great thanksgiving photo.

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