Happy Thanks EVERYTHING!

I hope this blog finds you relaxed and grateful. I want you to enjoy the holiday season by nourishing yourself to the fullest.

A few ways to keep you from feeling stuffed like the turkey are:

1. Drink water with 1/2 lemon 30 minutes prior and post meals
2. Have a protein shake 2-3 hours before the BIG meal
3. Lay on your left side after the BIG meal for 30 minutes to enhance digestion
4. Drink organic wine for less inflammatory response 20 minutes after the BIG meal
5. Go for a walk even, if it is 10 minutes after the feast & HAVE so much fun!

If you feel a bit overwhelmed, we have got your back. We will be conducting a 5 day Jumpstart Program to get you feeling back to balance. We will begin December 3rd through December 7th with group teleconferences @ 7am PST, recorded for your convenience.
“Click Here for Post-Holiday Jumpstart Program”
Heather Fleming

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