Happy BOOBIE Tuesday

I declare EVERY Tuesday as Boobie Tuesday!
in dedication to Judy Farmer

I met John Farmer in the Maui airport after my month of vitality restoration.  We got to chat for awhile due to my flight being “delayed”.  Halfway through our conversation, I noticed that he had a hot pink iPhone, pink bracelets and other pink paraphernalia.  I am usually a bit observant but was in my own Maui world for a bit.  I said, “Wow you sure sport pink well”. 

His wife Judy passed a year and half ago from her third round with breast cancer.  So to lighten the mood and share a different perspective, I mentioned that I think all women should just stop wearing bras, because…what if that is the culprit for this epidemic?  His eyes widened, and of course was completely in favor of this movement. 

This came to mind when a wonderful woman named “Brenda Goodell” who shared a new preventative breast massage program that is going to sweep the nation and support healthy self-care practices.  The link for the massage technique and YouTube video on their website: “Breast Health Project”

Ok, men you know your role.  You get to remind us NOT to wear bras (definitely NO underwires) on Boobie Tuesday and you can be a part of the massaging process if you set a healthy intention and she let’s you.

If you experience cysts especially after you drink caffeine, eat sugar, are stressed out, etc, this massage program should be part of your weekly life along with a “Conscious Nutrition” Program. To receive a FREE copy of the Conscious Nutrition E-book, please email info@ConsciousNutrition.com.

So join me in being free (if you have to wear some sort of support,  just make sure you are free part of the day)

If you are in the San Diego area there is a film fest that was sent to me by Melissa McGhee from BoobsontheMove.org, Click here to find out more details about the event.

Cheers to Boobie Tuesdays!
Heather Fleming

P.S. Conscious Nutrition’s Spring RESET program begins on May 7th, 6 pm PST, visit www.ConsciousNutrition.com/Reset-program

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